Honeymoon was created for my thesis in 2013, and is currently in submission for festivals, but you can check out lots of cool stills and behind the scenes stuff here.


Gordie Earle
Gordie Earle
Gordie Earle
Gordie Earle
Behind the Scenes

Honeymoon was shot in short intervals over the course of three months towards the end of 2012.


We built a crystal cave made of over 2,000 individually hung crystals, an underwater cave made of wood, newspaper and spraypaint, and we shot on a rented pontoon just a half mile out from shore on lake ontario, readjusting the boat between takes.


Our dedicated cast was made up of Matt Snyder, Mary Beth Lacki, and Che Holloway.



Cinematographer: Mark Davis

Original Music and sound: Max Phillips

Colored by: Joe McCormick

Visual Effects: Jon Barber

Edited by: Hayden Blackmon

Art Direction: Katie LeVander

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